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Pass the NCLEX RN & LPN with Nclex Gateway

Ensure success on the first try with our guarantee: Pass the NCLEX certification on the first attempt or receive a full refund.

Satisfaction Guarantee

For nursing students who have taken the NCLEX, there is a satisfaction guarantee. Should they not pass the exam within 90 days, the test administrators will offer a full refund. So, rest assured, with the NCLEX certification, you can confidently complete nursing school with peace of mind.

Professional Nclex Team

Our team consists of a group of expert professionals who have perfected the system, and have staff with high value who have access to the primary database. NCLEX certification is our top priority in helping nursing students become certified and fully licensed. Our goal is to provide students with the highest quality of support and guidance needed to succeed in their NCLEX certification process.

Low Cost Service

At a fraction of the cost of other NCLEX service providers, we offer a professional skill set and access to invaluable resources. Whether it's for certification or licensure, our team has the know-how to help nursing students succeed with NCLEX preparation. Get the certification you need with all the support you deserve.

Our NCLEX Services

Buy NCLEX Practice Exam (NPE)

The NCLEX Practice Exam (NPE) helps candidates prepare for the NCLEX by providing an exam similar to the one they’ll take on test day. It’s comprised of previously used NCLEX questions. The NPE is available in English for the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN, as well as a French version for the NCLEX-RN.

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Score modification

When you take the NCLEX and fail or don't get the desired results and you are worried or don't want to take another test or you are wondering What to do after failing the NCLEX then this is the place to run to.We can evaluate your score back and upgrade it from a fail to a pass and you will get the license without retaking the test. We work at the Pearson vue database department and we have members in all the Boards of nursing so we have 100% access to all the results even before official results are released.

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Buy Exact RN & LPN Questions and Answers

Are you preparing to take the NCLEX either RN or LPN and you don't feel ready? We can provide you the exact questions and that will be in your exam.We give you "Leaked NCLEX questions and answers " that will be in your exam word to word.The questions and answers we give you are 100% guaranteed

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Buy Direct License

Have you completed a nursing program and wish to have your LPN or RN license without seating for the exam? We can get you a valid registered license without you taking the test.If you have completed a full nursing program then you deserve to enjoy your career as LPN or RN,it's true that exams is not the true test of knowledge and also if you have been able to graduate from a nursing program then you are able and have the necessary skills to practice as RN or LPN but then the state has put the NCLEX exam that you have to take to become RN or LPN now if you are not able to pass this exam but you really love to become RN or LPN, worry no more we will get you your license without you taking the exam.

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Pass The Nclex The First Time with Premiums


No need to worry we are the solution you have been looking for. We provide the following services.

  • leaked questions and answers for any session
  • Grade your pass
  • Get you licensed without sitting for the exams.
  • Get you registered.
  • Get you an authorisation to test.
  • Are you preparing for any nclex exams? Be it Lpn or Rn
  • have you taken the exams before and didn’t make it?
  • Do you wish to become a licensed nurse but don’t have time to prepare for the exams?
  • Do you need an authorisation to test?
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Our Team has 24 years of nursing experience. I was a professor at Rush University College of Nursing Chicago, I now work at the NCSBN Department. I tutor adult students at the college level. I have extensive experience in teaching and tutoring nursing students. I tutor, nursing math, and nursing research. I tutor traditional and online students. I was an online student so I understand the challenges and can assist you with your course work. I can help you with your research and writing guidelines

A million thanks to I finally passed my NCLEX RN.It was so accurate I met everything they gave me.

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